Read it Loud Foundation (Statewide)

Video Title: Giving the Gift of a Brighter Future. Read it LOUD Together.

The Read it LOUD Foundation is promoting literacy for all.  We are focusing on young kids, by encouraging families to read together, and also on K-12 students by working with School eBook Library to provide eLibrary cards for EVERY K-12 student in the state, giving them access to millions of classic literature, audio books, journals, historical documents, and graphic novels, all at the touch of a button, with downloading and printing capabilities.  All at no charge to the school or student, through grants.  This campaign will launch January of 2014 and we are looking for community support. We will be working with every school in the state, from K-12, DOE schools, private schools, Catholic Schools and charter schools.  Over 300 schools total, from Waianae to Waimanalo.