Kohala Unupa`a (Big Island of Hawaii)

We are an ‘aina based after school program held in North Kohala. In addition to learning about Western culture, we teach our haumana to be grounded in Hawaiian culture. Using the ‘aina as our classroom, our haumana listen to our kupuna and document stories and memories of the ahupua’a where their ancestors were born and raised. We capture what life in Kohala has been like through its long and ever changing history. Through oral histories students gain knowledge of their home town. Our haumana develop a sense of place,  an identity and learn to feel proud about where they come from. Our kupuna knew how to farm, hunt, fish, and gather. We help haumana develop these skills. Kohala Unupa’a provides important grounding in our Hawaiian culture, keeps our children occupied and builds self-esteem and cultural pride.