Ho’olu’a & Po’e Festivals (Waimanalo)

OUR VISION:  A synergistic cultural community, collaboratively building a vibrant place.

OUR  MISSION: Building a culturally responsive community that provides a strong foundation for future academic and life endeavors, by encouraging respectful, cooperative, and active participation, through interactive and collaborative activities.

Ojectives of Po’e

  • Po’e and its series of community events and activities will ‘Improve the lives of Native Hawaiian individuals, families, children and communities by increasing access to needed public and private resources, programs and information, by the establishment, support or enhancement of the following activities or events.
  • Po’e will ‘encourage multi-generational, family, and community participation by establishing access to these events
  • Po’e will ‘offer meaningful, authentic, and participatory event programming that allows attendees to be immersed in Native Hawaiian cultural practices, beliefs, perspectives, and history’.  One of many ways that this will be accomplished is with the recently implemented Kupuna Digital History Library and support workshops project.
  • Po’e will ‘promote awareness of, connect, and foster among Native Hawaiians a stronger sense of place and placement, in relationship to their cherished land and native Pride.
  • A full year of community events will include currently established events such as:

1)    Hali’I Kalikimaka

2)    Makahiki

3)    Ka Lahui Resource Fair

4)    Waimanalo Kupuna Historical Digital Library project

5)    Bellows AFS access and Malama project

6)    Bellow AFS antiquities recovery and museum project

7)    Community Based High School Diploma program

8)    Community Based project give-back

Website: www.hoolua.org