Friends of Kahana

Friends of Kahana is a non-profit organization 501c(3) that is located in the Kahana Valley State Park. Established as the only ” living park” in the state, families of the valley continue to nurture, foster and restore Native Hawaiian cultural traditions such as the Huilua Fish pond and taro fields. They also participate in the cultural interpretive programs with arts and crafts. This video features the residents of Kahana and cultural practitioner kalai wa`a, uncle Bobby Puakea sharing his cultural knowledge, special tools and skills in teaching Kahana residents how to restore a 30 year old traditional koa canoe. Through this project, residents interned under uncle Bobby from selecting koa wood that is measured, cut and applied to the canoe. Friends of Kahana are hopeful that through this video competition, they will be able to continue the restoration work and pass down traditional knowledge to the next generation of kalai wa`a, canoe builders.