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Aloha. We are a donor advised fund of Hawaii Community Foundation. Our mission is to facilitate the self-reliance of communities in  Hawai’i through education, health, economic and cultural development. Our vision is to have a society in which our natural resources are preserved, our cultural heritage is perpetuated, our kupuna are cared for, and our children have opportunities for academic and personal growth and are raised to be stewards of our islands. We fund nonprofits based in Hawaii working towards social justice and focusing on the following areas:

Ananda_Fund_LotusCaring for our kupuna

Includes nonprofits working to address the health and well-being of our elders

 Ananda_Fund_LotusEducating our keiki

Includes nonprofits working to empower youth through life skills, sports, values-based education, cultural literacy and organizations focused on  programs in literacy, math and science

Ananda_Fund_LotusProtecting our Aina

Includes nonprofits working to care for our ‘aina through through preservation and training, working the lo’i,  small scale farming, watershed protection, and food security

Ananda_Fund_LotusEmpowering our communities

Includes nonprofits that use vocational training to build skills and employment for individuals and nonprofits working in the areas of family strengthening and domestic violence prevention

Ananda_Fund_LotusPreserving our culture

Nonprofits who perpetuate Hawaiian and Polynesian culture in the next generation









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  1. Carol Fuertes - Kahua Pa'a Mua, Inc says:

    I submitted our video link via Vimeo through the reply email to this site. If this is not the correct site or procedure,please let me know. I submitted “Empowering our communities” however, we also fit into the Preserving the aina category as we are a small farm operation of teaching families in the method of Natural Farming. Do I need to choose “one” category to enter?? Mahalo.

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