Support Save Ka Iwi Coast Mauka To Makai

Ka_Iwi_Coast_Mauka We believe in preserving open space. There is nothing that can replace a pristine and undisturbed landscape. At present there are 182 acres of land on the Mauka side of the coastline that are for sale. Ananda Fund Hawaii is joining in the effort to help preserve this space as open land for the public and keep it undeveloped. In July 2015,  with support from Hawaii Community Foundation, Ananda Fund Hawaii made a donation to the Trust For Public Land to help support this initiative. We believe that supporting our land is also supporting our people. We all benefit from nature. Please join us in making a contribution before August 30th. Join the effort to Save Ka Iwi Coast Mauka to Makai.

To learn more about the 40 year history to protect the Ka Iwi Coast, please click here.